I decided to run for the Texas State Senate because I don’t want to look my children in the eye and explain how we gave the greatest state in the greatest country to left-wing socialists. We need leaders who will stand up and fight the far-left agenda like Beto O'Rourke and Mike Collier, and the radical left-wing mob.

Texans are looking for results socialism can’t provide. Socialism only produces shared misery. As a constitutional conservative, I want to apply timeless Texan principles like freedom, liberty, and equality of opportunity. In a time of peril, we need to rediscover and celebrate these principles.

The threat is not far off in Venezuela or some remote country an ocean away. It is here! In SD 24, here in our schools, in our local governments, in our neighborhoods. The costliest threat from the left has caused rising crime and an America I no longer recognize. If elected I want to bring conservative commonsense to Austin on these fronts.

On every issue the left says they care about – health care, the environment, the economy, and racial justice – conservative ideas are far more likely to produce outcomes that make a useful and meaningful difference in people’s lives. The left’s record, especially in our cities, is abysmal. It’s no wonder they want to rewrite history.

The left wants to destroy, dismantle and defund. I’m running because I want to renew, inform and protect.




Secure elections are the cornerstone of a thriving republic. We need fair elections to advance every conservative principle in which we believe and upon which our nation and our state were founded. Every citizen should have the confidence that their vote matters and will be counted. 




We must emphasize the needs of Texans as our primary goal when it comes to immigration. We cannot place the needs of foreign nationals over those of Texans. For too long, those on the left have advocated for higher privileges and benefits for illegal immigrants than for Texans. Free healthcare, free college, zero taxes, and other left-wing policies subsidize the business of illegal border crossings and have no place in Texas. Those who refuse to place our citizen’s interests first have no place representing the great State of Texas.

I am a firm believer in LEGAL immigration, America is a Shining City on a Hill. Presidents from both parties, including Reagan and Kennedy, have used that image to describe America. Reagan said that the city had to have walls but doors that will be open to people with the will and heart to come here legally. This policy ideal is the reason I am even a Texan and an American. My father immigrated here through LEGAL immigration with the promise that his hard work would only be met with blistering summers and frigid winters as a result of working in Texas outdoors. I am a product of immigration and I believe it is time to hold those accountable who try to destroy the system that can and will work with reform and accountability not just on the federal side but the stateside as well. NO longer can we expect legal immigrants or Americans to carry the load for those who break our sovereignty or laws.


​Walls: Our immigration system is in crisis. Along with thousands of illegal immigrants flooding across the border, our nation also faces a looming threat from the illegal drug trade. A porous border is the first step towards losing the American dream, the very dream that motivates men, women, and children each year to enter this country legally. We need to secure our borders and we need the rule of law. Human trafficking and sex trafficking are the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the world. Here, in Senate District 24, the cartels have a major influence on the drug trade. Texas, as a whole, ranks 3rd for most kidnappings nationwide. I have had the opportunity to meet with border patrol agents, leaders of ICE, and border sheriffs. I sat with these modern American heroes and asked their opinion on the American border crisis. In the Texas Senate, I will fight tooth and nail to shine a light on the evil of modern-day slavery. Texas must lead the way to STOP Human Trafficking.


Doors: America has always been a land of opportunity, and Texas continues to stand as a beacon of hope for millions around the globe. Texas is home to over 4.7 million foreign-born immigrants about 16.9% of our population and we always will stand with those who have come here in a legal and legitimate way. I firmly advocate for legal immigration, and I believe that the American dream will always beckon to those who seek to come to the land of the free.



Texans have seen the steady, aggressive encroachment of the federal government to the point of infringement on our God-given rights. These egregious actions undermine the sovereignty of the states as enshrined in our Constitutions, both state and federal. As a staunch Conservative, I will stand and fight for the foundational principles that have been instrumental to the long-term success of our Great State.

The eyes of the Nation are on Texas and now is the time for courageous, decisive action. We must strengthen this bastion of freedom and draw the line in the sand: We Are The People and We are the Great State of Texas.


I know the dangerous consequences of unrestricted, illegal immigration and the threat posed not just to our sovereignty, but to our way of life and even our very existence. I will fight to protect our children’s future and elevate the role of parents as intended by our Creator. I will be an advocate for the privacy and preeminence of our medical rights. We must set up firewalls to protect the right to spend our hard-earned income as we see fit without reporting every transaction to weaponized federal agencies. And we must champion the role of small businesses as the cornerstone of our robust economic might.


The great and essential principles of liberty and sovereignty of our Great State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, must be preserved! I will be a Champion for the citizens of SD24 and for all Americans who are proud to call themselves Texans!



I am for the elimination of property taxes. There is no excuse for homeowners who have paid off their homes to continue to, essentially, pay rent to the State to live in their homes. While the goal is to eliminate property taxes by instituting a consumption tax, an interim step would be to eliminate property taxes for homesteads of those citizens over 70 years of age. The estimated ‘cost’ to the State would be $1 billion but would prevent our older citizens' homes from being confiscated for non-payment of taxes. There are current provisions for this for those citizens to ‘defer the taxes, however, they must be paid by the heirs. Property taxes are also severely affecting younger generations. Increasing property taxes make homes unaffordable and generate a ‘renter class’ unable to enjoy homeownership.



School choice has been undermined in recent years and because of that our children are now being subjected to indoctrination by the socialist left. This now takes the form of critical race theory, transgender, and multiple gender “education”. Our daughters have been subjected to boys being allowed to participate in their sports activities. Children are committing suicide at alarming rates. Our youth are at risk. We must protect our children from unnatural medical interventions. I commit to doing everything I can to ensure the physical and mental safety of our children.


I am against it. I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. (I am staunchly pro-life and pro-family. I will consistently vote for life-affirming legislation! I believe human life is sacred and should be protected from its earliest moments through its final breath. My wife and my family stand for life unapologetically and will always do so)



In Texas fiscal responsibility is not just a tagline. While the State of Texas maintains a constitutionally mandated balanced budget, I believe we can do better by tightening the state spending cap formula and putting permanent overspending protections in place for future generations of Texans.



Water is the lifeblood of Texas, pumping its life-giving resource into SD 24, but it is a limited resource Texans know all too well. SD 24 needs a senator who will stand up against the large machines of Urban areas who reach in to grab water for their regions. We must have a seat at the table and have a bulldog who fights to put us first.  And Assure our landowners, towns, and watering holes have the life-giving water needed to live in SD 24.