Raul Reyes is a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel with 22 years of active duty service to the nation.He was born and raised in the border town of Del Rio, Texas. His father legally migrated to Texas from Mexico in his teenage years. His mother is from the Great State of Texas. He and his wife, Cryselda, have three wonderful children; two are at home and one currently serves as an active duty Air Force Officer in South Korea. 


He is a Christian, a husband, and a father. He believes in an America First agenda. He is Pro-Life and supports a constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of life. He supports our ally, Israel, and their right to be a sovereign nation. As a staunch Second Amendment supporter, he will fight against infringements, including  Red Flag laws, and restrictions to our rights to keep and bear arms. He is a Pro-Wall and Pro-Border Patrol/Law Enforcement advocate. He believes we are in a struggle for the future of Texas families and the American way of life. He will never stop fighting for our God-given freedoms and our Constitutional liberties.


He is a proud American patriot and a man who lives by his word. Texas has always been the Reyes’ home. They proudly live in a home they built in Castroville in Medina County just outside of San Antonio.


You can TRUST Raul to represent you with honor. He will always be accountable to you!


Active Duty

Raul Reyes served in three capacities while in the Air Force. He was a fully qualified Master Cyberspace Operations Officer and a Foreign Area Officer (also known as a Regional Affairs Specialist). He also proudly served as Commander, a distinction and responsibility only given to select Officers.

Cyberspace Officer

He was responsible for leading the largest Air Force defense network in support of over 300 locations and $14B Air Force Information Network. Over a lifetime he executed well over 5800 cyber defense missions integrating numerous weapon systems and five major operations groups supporting Air Force Cyber Command objectives. he guided over 50 special operations forces cyber missions resulting in numerous captures and/or kill of high value targets. Finally,  he executed well over 4000 missions safeguarding the unmanned aerial systems command and control and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data links, critical to our fight in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Foreign Area Officer

Over 21+ years he was the expert in Central and South America. He was a Political-Military Strategist responsible to the Commander for all Air Force South Pol-Mil affairs in Latin America in support of United States Southern Command. He executed and oversaw numerous subject matter expert exchanges, training, and special and general-purpose forces missions into Central and South America. The large bulk of his support was in the country of Colombia. There, he oversaw 300 plus missions including 32 Colombian military operations leading the capture of high-value targets and a 95 percent reduction in illicit drug trafficking, a direct blow to terrorism. Ultimately, he was selected to receive the Air Combat Command International Affairs Excellence Award ranking him in the top five of hundreds in his field.

Home Builder

Raul and his wife own a construction company. They have been building homes since 2000. Their endeavor started as an effort to build smaller, quality affordable homes for newlyweds, veterans, and the elderly. Concurrently while still in the Air Force, and where possible. In 2014, when we returned from overseas, they ramped up our home-building efforts to four homes a year and have since been growing their small business. Since his retirement from the Air Force, they built anywhere from six to eight homes per year. He knows how to create jobs, handle multiple projects, and balance complex budgets. He employs electricians, plumbers, and other small business owners who provide jobs in their communities.

Adjunct Instructor

He taught Math and Computer Science courses at Howard College, Park College, and Southwest Texas Junior College. He was a full-time professor at Angelo State University and the University Of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez. He taught a computer technology course in Spanish while at the Inter-American Air Forces Academy.

Post Air Force

After his retirement from the Air Force, he went to work for Southwest Texas Junior College in Uvalde, Texas. After four months as their Chief Information Officer, he was offered and accepted a Vice President position. He identified areas of need, such as technology, and integrated efficiencies. His leadership ensured the right educational balance would meet future workforce demands. After eighteen months, the Air Force Civilian sector at Randolph AFB offered him a position as an International Affairs Training Specialist, which he accepted. He was responsible for multi-million-dollar training contracts that included partner nations in Europe and the Middle East. He resigned from his position in April 2019 to run for congress.


6 Meritorious Service Medal

2 Joint service Commendation Medal

Air Force Achievement Medal

2 Air Force Commendation Medal

  • Air Combat Command International Affairs Award 2011

  • 12th Air Forces International Affairs Officer of the Year 2010

  • AF Operational Training & Evaluation Field Grade Officer of the Year Award 2008

  • AF Operational Training & Evaluation Verne ORR Award 2008

  • Goodfellow AFB Air Education Training and Command Communications &

  • Information Company Grade Officer of the Year Award 1999

  • Goodfellow AFB 37th Training Group Company Grade Officer of the Year 1999

  • 37th Training Wing Outstanding CGO of The Year Finalist 1996

  • Inter-American Air Forces Company Grade Officer of The Year 1996


#1 of 12 directorate Field Grade Officers

#1 of 40 Regional Affairs Specialist

#1 of 16 officers in Staff Directorate

#1 of 10 officers in Air Expeditionary Forces (while deployed)

#1 of 5 pol-mil officers

#1 of 6 officers in international division

#1 of 18 field officers in division (twice)

#6 of 100 Majors in entire Directorate (top 10%)